PowerDirector for video editing like a pro

To return from vacation, you returned with bytes gigas memories captured by your camera, your digital camera or smartphone … And as it has not escaped you that the new shooting mode in recent months was the decision views 360 degrees, you were willing to rub it without knowing how you were able to use these new shots.

So you unloaded all these images on your computer to start to separate the wheat from the chaff. Finally, hours sorting and Logging in all digital formats: JPEG, .RAW, TIFF, .AVI, .MP4, .h264, .MOV … And you dream to end … soon. Throw everything in your computer, shake it like a shaker and enjoy in minutes and three clicks, a perfect fit of your holiday photos and videos. So as you say now: it will not be so simple. Whatever.

Taiwanese Cyberlink , considered one of the leaders and global pioneer in the field of multimedia software and video and audio technologies for the PC, will perhaps you out of trouble with the fifteenth version of PowerDirector .

This video editing software is intended to be simple for the novice but also powerful enough to please the most demanding. For we can now introduce from videos to 360 degrees Action cameras. These are managed in the same way as a conventional video and can be mixed with them. The spherical video is flattened and managed as a conventional video (editing, special effects, titles, transitions …). So an overhaul easier to share, everyone is not equipped with virtual reality helmets (see below) .

Take the example of a show. When placing a camera in a room 360, it captures everything: the stage, the crowd left to right. Editing, PowerDirector will allow to choose the view that we want to preserve as if with a single camera, we had ten based. The sound and image are synchronized, so that the viewing remains fluid.

By giving a little trouble – because even if the use of the software is intuitive, we have to still spend some time to understand his logic – and with a little imagination a film made with PowerDirector can come compete with professional productions ten times more expensive. We do not aim to compete with products such as Adobe Premiere, but for the general public, we can offer a high quality solution for a hundred euros,” said Richard Carriere, Cyberlink VP Marketing .

As for beginners, they can access the “easy” mode. In this configuration the software will take care of almost everything.

Price: 99.99 euros
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VR mask for the smartphone: immersion objective

To view the mounted images and films, a virtual reality headset can be a great idea. Especially if you use your smartphone. The visual immersion trend is even on the go. So no matter the photos, holiday movies, games or movies, the smart phone will be able to manage several types of broadcasts to be transmitted to virtual reality helmet. These products obviously not compete with their older consoles or connected to high-powered computers, but its first steps in this new world of viewing, the experience is cheaply under honorable conditions.

The Gear VR: a safe bet.

Samsung Gear VR. Must this headset product with the complicity of the American Oculus VR, is one of the most popular models.

Weighing 345 grams, it is equipped with two lenses and a mechanical knob for adjusting the sharpness. To navigate menus and select the applications, the Korean placed two buttons and a touchpad on the right side. A good idea to avoid manipulations from the smartphone even if the maneuvers are not so easy. Too bad also that the Gear VR only works with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge + S6, S7, S7 and edge Note 5. Like other devices of this type, accelerometer, gyroscope and other features needed to 360 degrees are all from the smartphone. Also note that the use of helmets will lose nearly 1% of battery every minute.

Price: 80 euros.

The Zeiss VR: smart mobile drawer.

Zeiss VR One Plus. Recently entered this market, the German sign an elegant and robust well-padded helmet around the eyes for comfort. It hides a clever drawer to accommodate a smartphone. This tray that slides in the manner of a videotape behind the glass of the VR One Plus is compatible with phones from 4.7 to 5.5 inches. Suffice to say that it is not necessary to have a helmet or branded smartphone model, the Zeiss supports (almost) all. Convenient. The Zeiss is also able to offer augmented reality using the phone’s camera. You can experience it with a small cardboard cube comes with the mask.

In addition, the lenses are glass made in Germany, not plastic made in China. The vision is perfect, even to count the pixels displayed by the best smartphones. Because, unfortunately, the display quality is dependent on the quality of the smartphone screen. Even Full HD may be disappointed. If it is possible to wear this headset keeping his glasses, it will be impossible to adjust the spacing of the lenses. The mask is optimized to 90% of the pupillary distance. So San Liberale and other 10%, your vision will be twofold. The lack of connection between the VR One Plus and the phone does not facilitate handling.

Price: 129 euros.

Newzik: solo or orchestra partitions without erasures

Newzik and partitions become interactive.

And if it was possible to simplify the work of correcting an orchestral scores? One moving note on a score refers instantly on all the others. That with a click of the conductor on a shelf, all musicians find the right page and for good measure. That section heads can annotate, live, version of one of their musicians without having to move their desks.

This dream became reality thanks to a app developed for iPhone and iPad: Newzik . Its designers, Raphael Schumann, CEO, Aurelia Azoulay, Commercial Director, Peter Mardon CTO and Jean-Louis Lasseri, co-founder and investor, have assumed that, as music is to many, and each musician wants to be his two cents, he would have to imagine a software-oriented collaboration and synchronized snapshot mode.

Newzik therefore can import and manage their music scores from their tablet, annotate the liking of repeats, transpose, synchronized with audio or video files to create tutorials or work in orchestral configuration with connected iPads them via Wi-fi.

This is a universal player digital sheet music can import and manage partitions in all formats: PDF scores, lyrics and chords in text format, but also more advanced formats like MusicXML that achieve flexible and dynamic partitions.

For the amateur musician, Newzik is also the possibility of importing, in addition to scores, tablature, song texts and sound files. An integrated shop Newzik can even buy interactive sheet music in order to be more easily a digital library. In this software, a title is no longer a simple piece but an intelligent workbook combining multiple files.

Price: free up to 30 ttire or 19.99 euros for unlimited Premium.

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Bosch releases and Syneon creation

Bosch IXO: essential for the holidays.

And then there are creative in overalls. These artists of the drill, the screwing-unscrewing, sander … And if it takes intelligence in mastering the tools, nothing prevents the tool from being intelligent.

For if anything, for the layman does not distinguish a drill another drill, there is yet some details that can make all the difference. Already, no wire will make us win in comfort. Especially if, in your yard, electricity is not yet installed. This is a big improvement, but it is not enough.

In a moving, you decided to mount a Swedish kitchen kit, ask sconces, break through walls to put pegs to accommodate shelves. A work in perspective weekend. You will turn thread into hard materials, soft materials and a conventional machine will valiantly spend the same energy regardless of the situation. What a mistake! What a waste! After an hour your tools will require three hours of recharging (on taking the neighbor).

Bosch had the ingenious idea of introducing an electronic component in the power tool: the Syneon chip . It will serve to regulate the energy from the battery. The power transmitted to the motor will fit for the job, gaining autonomy. The manufacturer also states that the current and voltage limits are automatically met. So, overheating will be avoided, guarantee of longevity of the device.

That’s the technology that can be found on many of the tools of the German mark, especially on the IXO, a mini screwdriver-unscrewing to always have at hand. Especially this tool can accommodate different blower barbecue accessories … the corkscrew.

And as it’s Christmas, Bosch IXO offers a box made of this pocket tool IXO and its faithful replica as a toy: the IXOLINO . Large and small, to work!