You’ve seen pictures of Victoria Falls: they are among the most spectacular in the world. This is one of the wonders of Africa. This place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989, was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Zambia. I was not deceived.

Victoria Falls, a rift between Zambia and Zimbabwe

These falls are located near the town of Livingstone on the Zambezi River , which forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. (A bridge also allows to connect the two countries.) There is a flaw in the set, into which flows the river. The Zambezi continues then through a narrow canyon . This flaw 1,700 meters wide is impressive, as is its height: 108 meters maximum.


This gives what?

During the rainy season, huge volumes of water fall into the crack and cause the formation of a large vapor cloud . This is what the reputation of the Victoria Falls. This cloud can rise to over 400 meters high and is visible 40 km away.

In dry periods, the Victoria Falls are drying up and the water cloud disappears. All that remains is a thin waterfall falling from the cliff.

This is the famous Scottish explorer David Livingstone who discovered them in 1855. He gave his name to the next town.

Activities around Victoria Falls

Several options are available to you to discover this place.

On the bridge between the two countries, you can do the bungee jump . A popular spot with a jump from the bridge, some 108 meters high.

You can fly over the falls in a microlight! I did on this trip: a great memory! The flight takes about twenty minutes.

What is the best time?

If you want to see the falls in all their glory, you must come during the rainy season between February and summer. By cons, you can not approach the falls up close.

The dry season really possible to observe the fault and the canyon. In short, ideally, it should come during two seasons as the scenery and waterfalls change.



Livingstone was the old capital of Northern Rhodesia, former name of Zambia. Livingstone is primarily a base for exploring the waterfalls and the region.

If you ask me what to do in Livingstone, I would say: not much, really.

Some places to discover, however:

  • the City Museum , which presents the history of the region. Nothing fantastic, but it’s an interesting visit;
  • the market : always nice to have a look;
  • the city center , where you can see some old colonial houses.

Again, the interest of the city is mainly its proximity to Victoria Falls. It is also a hub .

Around Victoria Falls

Several activities are available:

Kayaking on the Zambezi: agencies offer various activities on the Zambezi river kayaking, bird watching and wildlife, etc.

Show the last white rhinos: the species is on the brink of extinction. In Zambia, there remain only eight specimens. They are guarded 24/24 by the army. It is easy to locate in the Mosi-O-Tunya Park. I observed them, quietly sitting on a tree trunk, a few meters from them. Magic.

Take the Royal Livingstone Express

This train of 1930 has been luxuriously equipped to offer tourists a unique experience. For a few hours it takes you through the savanna to the middle of the bridge over the Zambezi River, opposite the Victoria Falls.

From here you can admire the sunset before returning to Livingstone. On the way, dinner is even served. Ideal getaway.